Limestone and Marble

While limestone and marble can be used in the same manner as other types of stone, limestone and marble have unique properties that allow them to be carved into exquisite finish pieces. This process of custom carving allows limestone and marble to be used in a wide variety of ways.  These stones can be carved into complex sculptures or other decorative elements, to add artistic interest to a site. They can be used as trim for window surrounds, balustrades, columns, fountains, fireplace mantles, or for address markers and other items requiring lettering or numbering. Or, entire structures can be veneered and adorned with custom carved limestone or marble.

The production of limestone and marble is a cooperation between quarries, local suppliers and fabricators, and a skilled mason. The stone must first be procured from a quarry (which may be located overseas,) and then fabricated piece by piece to match architectural specifications. Mike Pearson oversees this process, verifying that the quantity and quality of stone are accurate, and that there is a sufficient but prudent amount of overage.

Once the correct stone has arrived, each piece is placed together like an elaborate jigsaw puzzle. As the project moves from drawing board to reality, adjustments are made, and Mike’s crew must make final cuts and finish alterations with absolute precision.

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