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Mike Pearson Construction started as a single crew of masons led by Mike Pearson in 1980. Working alongside his brother Don, Mike and his crew quickly found themselves working as the hands for a series of creative and forward thinking designers and architects in upscale neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, installing detailed and complex residential masonry projects. They continued to expand their repertoire of masonry services over the next thirty years to include every conceivable masonry service, from architectural and structural concrete, to fireplace construction, to carved limestone and marble, while always retaining the same attention to detail and artistic execution that they developed during their formative years. Despite the massive expansion of the company over thirty years, the original crew is almost completely intact. The crew foreman of today are the same men that worked alongside Mike in 1980, meaning that each of Mike’s crews is led by a masonry foreman with over a quarter century of experience building the most complex masonry projects imaginable.

The business owners and the workers

Architect Gary Byrd

Some of Mike’s earliest work was with Architect Gary Byrd, who challenged the typical application of stone and brick by adding complex curvilinear elements to masonry design. Whereas stone and brick were generally laid out in relatively simple horizontal and vertical patterns, Gary Bryd envisioned projects that contained few, if any straight lines. Mike’s work with this architect forced his crew to come up with new and original ways to realize what this architect developed in his renderings. All of this happened at a time before computer assisted drawing programs existed, and therefore, Mike and his crew were usually working from a general sketch, and it was up to them to improvise, and find a way to bring these complex projects to life. This early experience constructing projects for Gary developed a reputation for Mike’s crew as a group of highly specialized masonry artists, capable of building almost anything out of stone or brick.


Mike and his crew continued to hone their skills, becoming one of top companies called upon to install high-end residential masonry. As word of their collective talent spread, they were called upon to perform more and more specialized work, and continued to expand their services, in order to keep pace with the cutting edge designers working in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, West Hollywood, Malibu, and other upscale neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles. Soon Mike Pearson Construction was performing a range of services in-house that were often left to specialists: fireplaces and chimneys, decorative and architectural concrete, carved limestone, marble, and custom water features. Mike Pearson Construction became a group of masonry specialists, providing an ever widening range of highly custom masonry services.

Structural Masonry

As Mike’s company grew and perfected their skills as a crew of artisans in the field of custom hardscape, Mike began to focus on expanding the company’s services even further, by submitting bids and ultimately winning contracts for large, structural masonry projects. Soon Mike Pearson Construction grew to become what was essentially two companies under one roof, one performing residential and commercial masonry, and the other, structural concrete. His list of services grew to include grade beams, caissons, concrete lids, foundations, poured in place walls, structural decks, and all manner of structural concrete services. Mike became so well known to some clients as a structural concrete contractor that it sometimes came to a surprise to them that he installed marble, limestone, and other specialized masonry products. In fact, one of the unforeseen challenges Mike faced was that some of his clients never realized how broad his range of services actually were.

The People

Mike Pearson Construction has remained a tight knit, family run business for over thirty years. The focus of Mike Pearson Construction is clear to each and every employee: the work is what matters. Mike Pearson is, first and foremost, a crew of masons, with almost every single employee working in the field. Mike personally oversees every job, and continues to work with his crews in the field every day, continuing to train, continuing to teach, continuing to set the standard for Mike Pearson Construction. Mike Pearson is based on one simple principle: Work hard, and do the best work you possibly can. A lot of companies say that. We mean it.

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